Sunday, 17 February 2013


SMARTAG (0169)

This is weekly chart.. Should the price now at bottom, we looking for new upswing here.

SYF (7082)

Holding up well at 0.68.. this will be the support or cutloss point..
Resistance will be at area 0.74..

Average price for the last 5 days at 0.6974...

AEM (7146)

Cutloss if break lower than 0.24.. with profit target at 0.26 or 0.275..

SYCAL (9717)

R1 n R2 are based on Fibo ext.. Metastock dont have fibo ext function, so couldnt put in the chart.
For the last 5days, heavy buy up at 0.16 with vol 8832lots. The average within these 5days at 0.1597..

Cut loss at 0.15.. risk is smaller than reward..