Saturday, 29 December 2012

AZRB - When to wake up?

AZRB (7078)

Current Price = 0.685
Target = 0.70 / 0. 74

Ahmad Zaki Resources Berhad. The Group's principal activities are the provision of contractors civil and structural contractors works and dealer of marine fuels and lubricants, industrial gases, accessories and building materials. Other activities include investment holding, property development and management services. Operations of the Group are carried principally in Malaysia.

Technical Overview

On last Friday, price up with high volume.. Different as before long white candle where that was low volume.. is it sign of wake up.. The next coming days will decide the move..

Simple Financial Info

You can check this data with price movement.. Price dropped heavily when announced bad loss.. Early of this year, Price surge to more than RM1, after reported a good result. As what happen to other construction counter, this company also sees depreciation in term of price movement despite a good Q result and news of securing MRT project and etc..

Soon 4Q will end, shall we see a surge in price? If you notice, this counter is always played in advance prior to result release.

Resistances are 0.70 and 0.74.. Support/cut loss at 0.665 or 0.66..

Lastly, the TP from Investment bank. The last call was in Sept with TP at 0.90..